The results speak for themselves.

Mori uses nature-inspired protection for all kinds of foods. From produce to protein, our all-natural protective layer extends shelf life by up to 2x.

More food. More business.

Our simple ingredients unravel the power of silk protein. From the farm to the shelf, our water-based protective layer is easily integrated at any wash step or station. Mori Silk is food protection technology that slows the natural spoiling process from many points in the supply chain.

Hit your numbers.

All-natural protection sustainably keeps food from going to waste. Driving efficiency and flexibility in your distribution system.

Reduce plastic use.

Mori makes food more sustainable; it increases shelf-life without the need for single-use plastic.

Limit food waste.

By naturally preserving food, Mori reduces the financial impact of shrink.

Go the distance.

Mori lets you reach new markets and develop new product categories, Mori keeps food naturally fresher for longer.

Curious how we integrate into your supply chain?