Nature inspired protection for all kinds of foods

Bees build honeycomb to protect their honey. Bombyx mori silkworms weave a silk cocoon to protect themselves during their most vulnerable stage of life. We borrow from nature and use the protein in silk to create a protective layer that’s invisible to the senses and keeps food fresher for longer.

Why do we do it? To sustainably keep food from going to waste and bring more of it to families and communities across the globe.

Meet the Mori team
We’re a diverse team with a depth of expertise in different arenas but we have one thing in common—a determination to increase the accessibility of healthier food for all.
We’re always looking for qualified candidates
We have several open positions. If you think your qualifications could benefit our team, get in touch.
Our board
Lucas Mann
Managing Partner at Acre Venture Partners
Matt Barnard
Founder of Plenty
Erik Snyder
General Partner and CEO of Drawdown Fund
Scott Sonnemaker
Executive in the Food Industry
Mark Cupta
Managing Director at Prelude Ventures
Milo Werner
General Partner at The Engine
Our partners and investors
Let’s work together and stop food waste.